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UPDATE: Some Changes to Holiday 2019 Uploads!

Hey everybody, here is just some updates for the uploads in the next couple of weeks leading into the new decade!

November 2019

November 24 -- A College Experience - An Awkward Comedy (Short Film)

November 25 -- Gillian & Freddie - Trailer!

A quick note about Student Council: The Year of Justin!

Student Council: The Year of Justin has been canceled because of the worry it would be a bad product (it was not coming out well). However, we will be releasing the cut/extended scenes instead of #StudentCouncil.

We hope you understand but we want to make sure Student Council is only seen is a good light and we do not want to upload something a) you have already seen and b) not much new and interesting content. It basically just the show in the correct order for you to watch it with SOME NEW footage which will be aired this month...

December 2019

Monday, December 2 -- That Sketch Show: Episode 1 (SERIES PREMIERE)

Sunday, December 8 -- Student Council: Cut Scenes and Extended Scenes

Monday, December 9 -- That Sketch Show: Episode 2

Thursday, December 12 -- Hey, I'm the President Now (Music Video)

Monday, December 16 -- That Sketch Show: Episode 3

Thursday, December 19 -- The Twelve Days of Trumpmas III

**Uploads may change, check social media!

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