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That Sketch Show Trailer, Holiday Uploads and 2020 Outlook!

That Sketch Show will air on Monday's starting December 2 @ 8 PM Eastern! Get ready to see a new structured improv sketch each week with a diffrent cast/writer. That Sketch Show will have a ten episode run and air between December and March 2020.

The Holidays will have a lot of treats this year! Starting with a new film: A College Experience: An Awkward Comedy will air November 24. The plot revolves around a mother and son both going to college together and the weird experiences they face. Casting will be announced at a later date.

Next, we have The Twelve Days of Trumpmas III, the first installment of the series. First aired in 2015, then in 2017, we will check in with Donald Trump (James Blinken) and see him sing about his year and "achievements." The Twelve Days of Trumpmas III will air on December 19!

Finally, our last Student Council video is here. Before it's sequel, Gillian & Freddie, which airs it's first two episodes on January 2 and continue weekly. Gillian & Freddie will be a limited series which will have five episodes.

The whole Student Council series will be uploaded as a movie entitled Student Council: The Year of Justin. The film will compromise of the five main episodes, the four shorts, and the finale WITH over two minutes of deleted and extended scenes. The length of the movie with be approx. 75 minutes. It will air December 12!

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