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Student Council: Series Finale - Graduation

After five episodes, four shorts and one special, the school year at LEJ is now coming to a close. Not just any school year, but the council's senior year! How will things end with Justin, Veronica, Jessica, Patrick and Gillian? Find out in the series finale special: Graduation! Airing on May 23, 2019 at 8pm EST!

"Six weeks after the events of the party, the student council reunites one last time to write a speech for graduation! What will happen to Veronica and Patrick as they both go away to separate colleges? What will happen as Jessica and Gillian make an alliance to get back as Justin! Watch as everything comes to a conclusion in the series finale of Student Council!"

The cast list for the following episode is as follows!

STARRING: Matthew Richards as Justin Bridges, Valerie Gottridge as Veronica Cone, Alexa Brett as Jessica Chapman, Zachary Richter as Patrick Blake, Tess McAdam as Gillian, Josh Russell as Principal Stein Ava Smith as Naiomi, James Blinken as Freddie WITH David J. Green, Leadra Reeves, and Anthony Love

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