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Student Council and In 10 Words or Less Update

Hello one and all, here is another update!

Student Council episodes (and shorts) will continue to air on Sunday's @ 9pm Eastern through March 24, 2019! After that, starting April 5, a new season of In Ten Words or Less will begin airing in that time slot!

The next episode of Student Council airing is a short. Shorts happen in between the episodes (or in one case, in the middle of an episode) and are to focus on smaller plots/characters in the show. This week's episode focused on Gillian. Next week's episode will focus on Justin's relationship with going to Gym!

Student Council Short 2 - Gym

Airs February 24, 2019

Stars Matthew Richards & Tim Jenkins

Student Council: Episode 4 "Varsity Basketball"

Airs March 3, 2019

The whole main cast will appear including special guests:

Tim Jenkins, Jack Detwiler, Kwame Norford and JW Lee

The casts to third and fourth short + the fifth episode will be announced at a later date!

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