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Spring 2020: That Sketch Show Finale, Trump/Sanders and The Culturalist

That Sketch Show is heading to its first season finale, which will air on March 2, 2020. However, season two of the show will air starting December 2020.

This spring, catch the new political series: Trump/Sanders which will focus on both Donald Trump (James Blinken) and Bernie Sanders (Hunter Wasser) living together and dealing with each other. The show will air starting mid April!

The show is a direct sequel to the stage productions of Trump: The Reckoning and Trump: The Arrival which aired last year on JamesNetwork. The show will have flashbacks and callbacks from these productions.

Finally, we have a new type of show coming to JamesNetwork, The Culturalist!

The Culturalist is a new show by JamesNetwork which talks about a variety of things in a comedic and cynical sense. With all the culture James knows, he sure would have a good solution or thoughts on a problem and ways to solve it? Or just a general overall opinion. Check out his thoughts on The Culturalist! Just a note, these video series is purely opinionated and comedy, so please take what you hear in these videos with a grain of salt.

The show begins Wednesdays starting March 18. The first batch of episodes will air through April. It will be followed by Trump/Sanders which will air from April 13 through the end of May.

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