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JameNetwork Live: Let's Make a Difference!!

Introducing JamesNetwork Live! A live fundraiser variety show featuring many stars of past and current JamesNetwork project. You will be able to watch live music segments, sketches, short film premieres and more! (things will be pre-recorded for the Broadcast!)

Who can you look forward to being there?

  • JW Lee (from "Walking")
  • David J. Green (from "Two of a Kind")
  • Tess McAdam (from "Gillian & Freddie")
  • Matthew Richards (from "Student Council")
  • Valerie Gottridge (from "TRUMP: The Musical - The Reckoning")
  • Hunter Wasser (from "Trump/Sanders: Unlikely Roommates")
  • Ben Lundy (from "Student Council")
  • Henry Hamilton (from "A College Experience")
  • Chloe Mickles (from "Trump/Sanders: Unlikely Roommates")
  • Chris Vergos (from "Sidekicks")

AND more...

Where does the money go? THE ACTORS FUND!
The Actors Fund is there for everyone in our performing arts and entertainment community with emergency financial assistance, affordable housing, health insurance counseling, supplemental employment, addiction and recovery services and so much more. The Actors Fund is a national human services organization that fosters stability and resiliency and provides a safety net for performing arts and entertainment professionals over their lifespan.

Especially now in troubling times when all actors are out of work,(Broadway shows are shut down until further notice, TV show and film productions are on hold, etc.) people need help more than ever. So please help in any way you can!

Donations are live now and will be live through April 14!…/jamenetwork-live-let039s-tr…/team

Hope you can donate and watch the show!

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