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    Gillian & Freddie

    COMING IN 2020!

    Based on the characters from Student Council, watch as Gillian Withdrop (Tess McAdam) and Freddie Daniels (James Blinken) transition into college and all the changes they face!

    That Sketch Show

    COMING IN 2020!

    The next iteration of Sketch comedy on JamesNetwork, watch a new structured improv sketch in each episode of That Sketch Show. Each episode has a different writer and different cast members!



    Justin Bridges, a high school senior, runs for student council president and wins. However, Justin is not the easiest person to work with. Watch as he and three other classmates have to work together and try to run the Student Council!

    JN's FreeForm


    JamesNetwork's take on SNL, JN's FreeForm lets fresh faces take the stage and act in random improv sketches. Each episode a new/different host takes center stage to lead structured improv sketches!



    Three friends who are nerds (Simon, a gamer; Lucas, a theater kid; Jake, a good school student) have many crazy adventures together. They help each other out with addictions to video games, learning plays and talking to strange people. Watch their quests unfold in Sidekicks!

    The James Show


    The first show on JamesNetwork features host James David as he interviews various family members and or friends. The show follows a late night show format. Enjoy as he performs such things like monologues, sketches, sketches and games with guests and most importantly, interviews! Some of the hilarious interviews on the show include guests: JW Lee, Peter David, Barf Feldman and many more!

    Xenoblade Chronicles Abridged


    Parodying the game which was released in 2012, Xenoblade Chronicles follows the adventure Shulk and company as they take on the adventure of a lifetime. Watch their comedic quest unfolds on Xenoblade Chronicles Abridged!

  • Interviews

    Back in the day, The James Show interviewed "everyday" people and got an insight into their daily lives. Now, James interviews some faces you may have heard of...

    James also interviewed stars such as Noah Galvin in JN's Broadway Vlogs!

    Neil deGrasse Tyson

    2019 - (Cosmos and StarTalk)

    James Interviews astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson! Watch as James talks to him about star constellations, acting, his favorite movies and more!

    Reed Alexander

    2017 - (iCarly, appearances on the TODAY Show)

    James interviews journalists and actor Reed Alexander. James will talk to him about iCarly and play a game about food all around the world!

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    First aired in 2016 and cancelled half way through season 2 in 2018, Xenoblade Chronicles...
    We got two new videos airing this week! Ever wondered what happened before the reckoning? Well...
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